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Hello !

My name is Verdiana Pagnano and I was born in Florence, Italy in 1995. 

In 2018 I graduated in animation from University for the Creative Arts

(Farnham) and have later specialized in Character Design and

Concept Art. Currently I am based in London and working as a

freelance visual development artist while attending the MA Animation Production at AUB (Arts University Bournemouth). 

I am hugely passionate about cycling, pasta, talking to people and giving life to  ideas so feel free to contact me ! 

February 2021 - on going MA Animation Production AUB University (Arts University Bournemouth)
2018 - on going Freelance Character Designer and Illustrator for various clients such 
as writer Albert Rashad Kelley for the Psychaknights 
children's book serie, Gloria Salisha-Lynn
Williams for Don't Forget to be! and more..